Some Common Tech Myths

There are several Computer Techniques which I am hearing from years and I was also believing them but actually they all are Myths..Following are some of them which are very commonly heard and believed

Myth 1:
Switching off power without shutting down damages the PC
The first myth I came across years ago was that if you turn the power off of your computer without shutting it down, it will damage the hardware of the system. However the truth is, it will for sure affect your data that was unsaved but it will never affect your hardware or the software.
Myth 2:
Files deleted from Recycle Bin are deleted permanently

There are file recovery software available which can retrieve data after deleting from recycle bin..Data Recovery is possible using the file recovery software until the memory space has not been overwritten by some other data.
Myth 3:
Magnets can affect the data on your disk

This is true only for the Floppy Disks which were magnetic drives but not for USB drives as those are immune to magnets. However hard disks require strong, really strong magnets to get affected. Those found at home are not capable of doing this.
Myth 4:
Safely remove USB drive before taking out

This is a good practice to safely remove it before taking out however it is not mandatory and will not damage the pen drive. To remove a USB drive just ensure that there is no data transfer going on and if there is none, then you can eject your USB drive anytime even without safely removing it.
Myth 5:
Your Antivirus will protect you from whatever you click or install

An Antivirus requires update before it can detect a malicious program but whenever a new virus or Trojan comes up, it take some days for the agencies to develop the update for your Antivirus. Also every AV can’t detect all types of vulnerabilities.
Myth 6:
Continuously refreshing the computer makes it faster
Right clicking to refresh the system was developed long time back to reclaim the free RAM that has just been freed after terminating some process. This was used for old systems that didn’t have enough RAM, so in case of our modern computers this is nothing more than a useless habit.
Myth 7:
MACs never get any Virus

This is one of the famous myths that people have. However the fact is that since the Windows is used by more people and is more famous than a MAC, virus developers have developed Trojans for this only but with the increasing popularity of MACs, we have seen virus appearing for Apple’s OS too.
Myth 8:
DSLR can get a better photo than a normal camera

This is somewhat true but not completely as taking a photo depends also on the photographer and not solely on the camera used. If you can’t capture good shot from a normal camera, you won’t be able to capture it from a Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) as well.
Myth 9:
More Megapixel means better photo
Image quality depends on two things, lens used and the sensor size. Megapixels are important but up to some extent only, above which it just remains as a number. Had the MPs been important everyone around would have turned into a professional photographer.

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