Mozilla launches BrowserID

Mozilla launches BrowserID: Easier way to Sign-in

Isn’t it an irritating thing to create separate login accounts for every website we visit? It is also very difficult to remember the login username and passwords for all these websites that we visit. A simple solution to this was proposed by OpenID service that validates the email ID of the user and uses this as the login credentials for all the websites.

There is a similar service launched by Mozilla few days back known as BrowserID. Using this service you can also login to different websites without creating any new account just the thing being, the website should be already using this service.


So no more creating an account, no waiting for email to confirm the email address just BrowserID service that can help us logging in the website with our already verified account at BrowserID. The service will work with all the browsers whether IE, Firefox, Chrome or Opera. You just need to verify your email account once and use that again for every subsequent login.

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