Download Your Google Information With Google Takeout

Google has been rolling out many changes these days and thus is in news for some or the other reasons. We all use lot many apps of Google like Picasa, Contacts etc but there was no way of backing up the data that we have stored in these accounts.
With this new service called Google Takeout we can download our data stored in these apps of Google easily. Currently Google Takeout can be used to export info from 5 different google products namely Google Buzz, Contacts and Circles, Picasa Web Albums, Google Profile and the Stream but with the launch of Google+ we are sure to see many other services also linking to the profile.
Among all the services that are currently available, one can make the most of by saving the data from the Google Contacts and Picasa. With Google Takeout we can download the contacts in the .vcf format which can be used with many contacts management programs like Outlook. We can also save the data from the Picasa albums; however, there is a limitation of 100 photos per album.
Google Takeout can also be used to save the data from all the services listed at once but it would not be possible to guess how much time or space would be required for it. A good point to note here is that, when you click the Create Archive button to generate the data to be saved, it can be saved until your session is valid and if you log out of Google Takeout, you will need to regenerate the data to save it again.
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